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This is Cindra Lee Henry, Sales Associate from Abundance Boutique in Sherman Oaks, California.

Please click here or the image on the right to view her video on "How to Select Skirts for Plus Size Fashion".

Kay W.,
Thank you, thank you, thank the capris yesterday, and have them on today...They are perfect.... This really is the nicest thing anyone has ever done "just for me" Love Gayla Bentley and love you Rachael. Thanks Again!

Peggy V.,
I have been a devoted client of Ms. Bentley since I met her in 1998. I recognized immediately the amazing gift she has to be able to dress women to enhance their personal beauty and help them develop a signature style of their own. Ms. Bentley has pursued her passion to create her own clothing line with uncommon dedication and intelligence.

Judy D.,
She [Gayla Bentley] creates feminine, stylish clothing for curvaceous women who are too often unable to find anything comparable in the world of fashion. Before her clients even realize it she has them decked out is something fabulous she has designed. It is often something that the client would never dream of wearing. Once Gayla works her magic the clients now can't imagine wearing anything else. It is a joy to see the expression on a client's faces when they look in the mirror after one of Gayla's transformations.

Kaitlyn S.,
I felt like a princess last night in your clothing! All night long, people came up to me and told me how beautiful I looked and how much they loved my outfit. And I told them that Gayla Bentley dressed me!
Thank you for your loving attention and failure to give up on this fashion drop-out!

Danuta C.,
You know how much I love Gayla Bentley design, my all time favorite! that fits me well, elegant, modern, comfortable and great for traveling. Thank you for taking care of me.

Hi Gayla, back from the wedding, I attached to pictures that a friend took at the wedding. Once I get a better picture I'll forward to you. I must say the dress & me were a BIG hit. Thanks so very much everything was perfect. I will be a return customer, again thank you so very much for making me a sensation for my son's wedding.

Salangi L.,
Good morning Gayla, I had a fabulous time yesterday afternoon. I do hope it was somewhat of a sucessful evening for you. You are the best and your crew is absolutely awesome. You welcome everyone with open arms and made everyone feel like a princess or a queen.
I went to bed thinking how fabulous I am going to look in my new red halter outfit. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the outfit on. "My curves, My clothes".
One of the things I love about you is the fact that you are so positive. You stated before I left, "the next one will be even better"! I smiled thinking, everytime I leave the presence of this woman, I will leave smiling and that is a great feeling! I call it the Gayla Bentley experience!
Most of all, thank you for giving me and my guest another infectious Gayla Bentley experience that is filled with love, hugs and beautiful smiles. An experience every person who love great clothes on the body and red lipstick should experience before they die.

Love You!!! Kiss!!! Kiss!!!
Loving the joy of life,
Salangi L

Dear Rachael,
I must tell you that Gayla Bentley saved the day for us once again. I had a woman in the shop on Saturday who was looking for an outfit to wear the following day to make a presentation at a huge awards event in LA. No time for alterations! She was a petite size 14 and had just turned 55 so, as we so often see, she was concerned about her weight and her age. To make it harder, she's someone who is never in the limelight so she wasn't used to having to get dressed up. On the up side she had a terrific figure and was willing to show it off a little. But where to start? Because she wasn't used to dressing up she wasn't sure what she wanted and she wasn't sure how formal the event was. Yikes! We started out with a Tadashi gown and went all the way to a Blanque suit. We narrowed things down a bit and knew she preferred pants, decided that a super-formal gown was inappropriate, and she needed to be comfortable since she was working the event. However, after more than 2 hours of trying things on, nothing was working and we were both getting discouraged.

So I decided to go in a whole different direction. Given her petite, curvy figure, I knew the Gayla Bentley short skirt, v-neck tank, and Bolero jacket would look great on her. I'd thought about it before but she'd nixed anything so casual. But frustration sometimes works to our advantage so I brought her the outfit, she tried it on, it fit like a dream and she fell in love immediately. She looked 10 years younger and with the right accessories, no one would say it was too casual. Besides...everyone would be looking at her great legs! So after hours of effort, in five minutes she was thrilled, paid, out the door and on to deal with last minute arrangements for the big event.
And the best part...she's planning to come back and order the outfit in red! You guys rock!!!

Maria F.,
“All of my office knows about ya'll and were curious to see what was in the box.  Even our receptionist knew the box was from ya'll and that it must've contained clothes. I've gotten many compliments today about the black bowtie boatneck top I'm wearing with the "car wash" skirt. Thanks to ya'll I look MARVELOUS”

Cat H.,
“I bought what has become my all time favorite blouse from your company. It has never lost it’s shape, or it’s rich black color. I just had to tell you about this wonderfully, amazing shirt I bought from you. Color, texture, and style – it has it all. Thank you so much!”

Cathi-Ann E.,
“I found Gayla Bentley on the Neiman Marcus website, and have purchased a couple of her outfits and LOVE them!”

Cathy W.,
“I’ve base my wardrobe on black separates for some time; I was please to find such a large selection of separates that coordinate as well as travel easily.”

Anne F .,
“The Gayla Bentley line is just right for me, classy, modern, and plus sized. Love it!”

Susan B., Colorado,
“It’s all about the “feel” – how the clothes themselves feel, how the clothes feel on you, and how you feel in the clothes.”

Peggy K, Texas,
“How can an outfit be so glamorous, and yet so comfortable? It makes going out relaxing and enjoyable.”

Emery L., Texas,
“ I have discovered the perfect clothing line for me – I feel elegantly dressed…yet I’m still comfortable and feminine.

Suzanne B., Texas,
“I always equated black with funeral dressing, and I never thought I would find black fashions that could make me fell modern and chic, as well as happy!”

Maureen B., Rhode Island,
“Being in the fashion business, I was in search of the perfect black dress, one that was versatile, affordable, and easy care on the road. Can you believe this is machine washable? (Referring to the travel collection)

Sydney K., Texas,
“The greatest thing is, I don’t feel neglected. I feel like someone is finally catering to my needs. Normally when I shop, I feel like I have a “special situation” because of my size. I never will feel like that again, I have finally found clothing that fits me, and is perfect! Shopping is fun! It feels great to say that!”

Heidi, T, Texas,
“Thank you. That is all I wanted to say was thank you.”

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Gayla Bentley offers plus size chic designer styles for woman plus size, 12-28.  All Gayla Bentley designer plus size clothing is modern with fitted designs available in missy and plus size petite.   Petite plus size 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X.  Plus size woman clothes for all occasions, plus size women’s career, plus size clothes for daytime and plus size evening wear.  Plus size jackets, plus size pants, plus size tops and plus size blouses, plus size skirts and plus size dresses. European plus size styles, Paris plus size styles.  Modern clothes for the plus size woman, best fit in plus size style clothes. The Bentley Basics 25 piece Wardrobe is made up of plus size clothing that creates an essential foundation for plus size women’s wardrobe. Available in 3 colors.

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