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To get an answer to your style or beauty questions, or ask for advice on what to wear, please ASK US! We love to help. Remember, we are a fusion of style education and fashion design!
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Q: "I know that black is always slimming for women, but I am tired of feeling like I am in mourning all the time just to look slim! I want to wear color, but I am afraid. What suggestions do you have that will slim my figure, and how can I introduce color back into my life?"
A: Color brightens up your wardrobe and can be introduced through accessories, clothes or makeup and should be introduced to you and your wardrobe in a gentle fun way.  Women in general should look for colors that they love to wear even if you are scared at first and you are not always confident in choosing color. Whenever you are in the mood to wear color slowly introduce the color with accessories and lipstick.When you get used to wearing this new burst of color go to the next level.

Add color on top first, Always look for pieces to add to your wardrobe that will open your neckline. A feminine neckline can minimize or enhance your look; I suggest V-Necks, and Ballet.  Always avoid large patterns of color to start.   Petite patterns and sporadic uses of color influence a slimmer silhouette.

Q:"I love to wear jackets, even if it is a suit or with jeans, jackets make me feel confident because they provide coverage. But, it seems like all jackets for larger women are so boxy. How can I look feminine in a jacket?"
A: Jackets are HAUTE!  Fitted jackets will not want to feel boxy, manly or shapeless. It’s all about what you choose to wear on your figure type.  Here are some tips for finding that perfect jacket for your figure:
Our jacket is designed to guarantee fit and flatter your femininity. This means that the shoulders aren't growing in width just because the size is going up. Women change sizes in many different places, but just because your figure is changing doesn't mean that your shoulders are growing. Also, look for princess seaming; designer details, maybe a turned up or French cuff.
These details create slim silhouettes for women of any size. Jackets shouldn't square you off, nor should they add bulk to your body. Make sure that you are wearing the jacket and it is not wearing you.

Q:"I like the fit of elastic waistbands, but I do not like the way they usually look.   Can you solve this problem?"
A: Voila! Meet the Gayla Bentley OBI (A waist belt wrap). This conceals the elastic waistband also creating a waist for you whether you have one or not. This five inch wrap was designed to disguise the elastic. Only you will know, unless something fun and entertaining happens unexpectedly…Ooh La La !!

Q: "My legs look pretty good from the knee down, but unfortunately I have bulges above the knee. Most of the pants I try on are either too tight or clingy? Any suggestions?"
A: As a matter of fact, you are the perfect person to wear the Bentley Basic Bootcut Pants. These are cut to disguise the fuller thigh and flow without cling. We call this “miracle fabric” for this reason. The fabric is a rayon-lycra knit blend, especially made for us.   It also has great memory and the color does not fade. The Bentley Basics Bootcut pant has been our top selling pant for 7 years now, along with the always available Bentley Basics.

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Gayla Bentley offers plus size chic designer styles for woman plus size, 12-28.  All Gayla Bentley designer plus size clothing is modern with fitted designs available in missy and plus size petite.   Petite plus size 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X.  Plus size woman clothes for all occasions, plus size women’s career, plus size clothes for daytime and plus size evening wear.  Plus size jackets, plus size pants, plus size tops and plus size blouses, plus size skirts and plus size dresses. European plus size styles, Paris plus size styles.  Modern clothes for the plus size woman, best fit in plus size style clothes. The Bentley Basics 25 piece Wardrobe is made up of plus size clothing that creates an essential foundation for plus size women’s wardrobe. Available in 3 colors.

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