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To Pack and What not to Pack, That is the Question?
Fragrances, Friend or Foe?
Definite Don’ts: The 10 Worst Beauty Tips Ever
For Your Eyes Only

Dressing to Perfection
"Picture Perfect"
Care For Your Jewels As You Would Care For Others
Beating the Brassiere Blues
Look Drop Dead Gorgeous for a Special Occasion

To Pack and What Not to Pack, That is the question?

Identify your trip:
Decide what type of trip you are going on; whether it is casual, fancy, or both.
What climate you are going to be in? (Check the weather report)
Talk to whom you are traveling with (spouse/friends) to investigate their clothing attire for the trip – so you don’t over or under dress.

Never buy new shoes and wear them on your trip. You should always purchase shoes within two weeks prior to your trip, so you can break them in and be sure they are comfortable – bring more than one pair of comfortable shoes.

Before you rush out to buy all new things for your trip, shop in your closet. If you have the urge to splurge purchase enough underwear for each day. Plan to wear the same outfit to and from your destination (Skirt or dresses are better to wear if you are flying – easy to work with in the restrooms).

Packing Techniques
Check to see if any of your clothes need alterations or cleaning before your trip.

Layout each days outfit from head to toe in separate piles on your bed. Try everything on before you decide to take it. Review each days outfit to see if you have everything you need. Now Bag it or hang it in a cleared space in your closet.
Get out your travel calendar or palm pilot to document your wardrobe plans for each day, or take pictures of them to help you be organized for your trip. This way you will not forget anything OR OVER PACK.

Make plastic bags your new best friend - use them to…

  • Organize and separate each day’s attire.
  • To protect your shoes from your clothes.
  • To protect your toiletries from your clothes.
  • Ease for the customs inspection.

At the end of each day turn your clothes inside out to breathe – so you won’t have to dry clean your clothes.

Carry – Ons

  • Credit cards, passport and money (make xerox copies of these for possible loss; leave one copy at home).
  • Jewelry, medications, camera and film.
  • An extra set of clothing and underwear for the off chance that your luggage gets miss placed.
Remember your vacations are to relax and not to be worrying about what you are wearing once you arrive.  

Fragrances, Friend or Foe?

Learning the proper way of applying and knowing When and Where you Wear your beautiful fragrances can help your scents be a Friend rather than a Foe.

How to Apply Your Perfume
The alcohol in the perfume can sometimes stain your clothes and damage your jewelry such as your precious pearls. To prevent from this happening apply your perfume unclothed.
Applying your perfume unclothed allows the perfume to get it’s fragrance from your body’s natural oils giving you the full benefits of the scent you desire.
Don’t use perfume in place of deodorant. Don’t overwhelm yourself with fragrance; a little goes a long way. Apply perfume to only a few areas, behind ears, back of knees, wrists, and cleavage area.

Don’t mix different fragrances.
Alternatives to perfume or cologne are body lotion, powder, or body oils.

Where Not to Wear Perfume and Why
Job interviews are not a good place for strong fragrances; people around you may be allergic or find it offensive and not hire you because of this. Large crowds with so many women can make fragrances compete with one another, (i.e. theatre, hospitals, Dr. Offices, and large public events).

Scented Candles or Potpourri
Don’t use scented candles in the office or workplace; it is non-professional.
Don’t use scented candles when having guests in your home; some people may have allergies and could get headaches from a strong scent.

How to Shop for Fragrance

  • Spray it on your wrist and wait 20-30 minutes before deciding; the scent can change depending on your body’s oils and aroma.
  • Take home a sample and try it for a couple of days to make certain it is a fragrance that you would enjoy.
  • Department stores can be confusing, consider small specialty shops.
  • Don’t forget Duty Free stores once you fall in love with a scent.
  • Rather than purchasing perfume for a friend or family member, give them a gift certificate so they can choose their own scent.
  • Purchasing perfume is a very personal decision.

The life span of fragrances is TWO YEARS!! Throw away any perfumes that are past the two year date, they no longer will have the same scent as when you bought them.

Definite Don’ts: The 10 WORST Beauty Tips Ever
As seen in Town and Country, July 2005

We don’t know who started circulating this beauty advice, but now’s the perfect time to retire all of it.

Myth No. 1:  Brush your lips with a damp, old toothbrush to rid them of flakes. Can we just say “Ouch”?  A soft towel or washcloth is equally effective and completely nonirritating.

Myth No. 2:  Apply moisturizer to damp skin.“This absolutely never works,” Roncal says. 
“The moisturizer just slides off your face and so does any makeup you apply on top of it.”

Myth No. 3:  Wear only matte and muted tones once you’re out of your twenties.
“Women seem to be afraid that shimmer and bright colors are aging,” Carmindy says.  “But nothing sucks the life out of you more than drying matte textures and washed ‘out neutrals.  Just keep the shimmer subtle and the color soft and fresh rather than overly bright or dark.”

Myth No. 4:  Lipstick and lip gloss can double as eye shadow or blush.
“The textures are too greasy for your cheeks and even more so for your eyelids,” says Armani’s Quinn.  “It’s such a mess!”

Myth No. 5:  You can mend split ends. No matter how luxe the product or extravagant its claims, the only way to get rid of splits is by snipping them off.

Myth No.6: For incredible shine and softness, brush your hair 100 strokes a day.
“Overbrushing stresses and weakens hair follicles, which leads to breakage,” says New York City salon owner Ouidad, “It also causes split ends and frizz.”

Myth No. 7:  Preparation H is a miracle undereye de-puffer.
While this cream does contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, puffy eyes can be caused by other factors, such as fluid retention and allergies.  Plus, other ingredients in the cream dry the skin and could really sting if they migrate into your eye.  Bottom line?  “There’s just one place this cream was meant to go, and that’s south of the border,” says New York City dermatologist Dennis Gross.

Myth No. 8:  Your nails need to breathe.
“Your nail is alive only at the part that is below the skin,” Nordstrom-Arnold notes.  “So there is no living and breathing going on where you can see it.”  In fact, removing polish in the hopes of giving your tips oxygen will only hasten their demise since they will be left unprotected.

Myth No. 9:  Apply Rogaine to help re-grow over plucked brows.
“I’ve seen women show up with very weird-looking brows, with random bits of fuzz here and there,” Quinn says.  “The thing about Rogaine is that it doesn’t grow hair back uniformly, and I don’t even want to think about how much it could burn if it got into your eyes.”

Myth No. 10:  Pop an ibuprofen or two before waxing or having hair removed with a laser.
“I really wish women would stop doing this,” says aesthetician Rhea Skead as of New York City’s Bliss Spa. “It causes little hickeys all over the skin.” “Because it thins the blood, ibuprofen can increase your chances of bruising and redness,” Dr. Gross concurs.  If you are already taking a blood thinner, tell your aesthetician prior to any treatment so that she can be extra gentle.

For Your Eyes Only:
Why it is important to take the time to pick the right frame for your eyes:

  • They are your most worn accessory
  • They are a trademark of your overall personality
  • They can make or break an outfit
  • They can take you from ordinary to extraordinary
  • They will show a great deal of confidence by wearing the right glasses
  • They can take your form looking dated to looking modern

“They are the difference between Clark Kent and Superman. They make us look smarter, and nerdier – sometimes even sexier. They are signs that we are getting old – or pretentious. They make the world come into focus, and they keep us from being seen. They are storm windows, or our windows to the soul. The most important thing about eyeglasses is remembering where you left them last.”
~Chic Simple Components

“People see only what they are prepared to see.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gayla Bentley
Will Present

Les Createures D’Opta of Paris
2006 European Eyewear Collection

Making a personal appearance from Paris
Dr. Annette Hoffman and Caroline Abram
Eyewear design experts
Will be in Houston, Texas to assist you
In selecting the perfect frame to compliment your
Face shape, hair, eye color, and personality.
Choose from an unsurpassed collection of European,
Contemporary, and Classic style.

Please email Rachael at for further details.

Other Beauty Tips

Dressing to Perfection

Are you ready to take it to another level? You'll need a video camera with a tripod (even a stack of books will do) and good lighting.

 Annual Review:

  • Lay out your favorite outfits.
  • Video yourself in each one, head to toe, back and front.
  • Review each outfit carefully.

It's amazing the details you will notice. Use this info to make needed modifications.

The Big Event:
Getting ready for an important event? Video yourself and review your appearance before leaving home.
This is a great way to catch little items like --

  • Too much or too little makeup
  • Pimple cover you forgot to blend in on your face or neck
  • The back of your hair
  • Kitty hair
  • Chalky Comet from the front of the sink
  • Shoes or purse that are all wrong

For men --

  • A spot you missed when shaving
  • A tiny piece of toilet paper stuck to a razor cut!

You'll have a chance to perfect your appearance.

"Picture Perfect"
Perfect Hairstyle

Don’t you love it when you get a really great haircut or your hair color is perfect? That’s a great time to take a picture of your hair – front, sides and back.
Have your hair stylist write down the cutting dimensions for you. Put them on the back of the picture. If you go to another stylist, you’re all set.

Perfect Outfits

Is it hard to remember all the details of that great outfit you wore last year for a special event?
You’re camera will come in handy to create a picture catalog of your best outfits.

Try on the entire outfit including accessories. Have a friend photograph you in good light. Flip the picture over and write a category name on it –

  • casual dining
  • dressy dining
  • fall dress up
  • summer cool down
  • media meet and greet
  • informal home gathering
  • high drama extravaganza
  • fun and easy going out to lunch wear

If an outfit will fit into more than one category, you’ll need more than one picture. When getting ready for an event, flip through the pictures until you find the perfect choice.

You can’t believe how much time you’ll save.

Remember to get the outfit out several days ahead and check to see if it needs cleaning.
At least once a year, go through your picture catalog and edit outfits that need to be retired or updated.

Jewelry Care
Be a Jewel and Take Care!

You have a special event that requires your precious jewels to be worn, but when you go to get them out they look like they haven‘t been bathed.
Soap deposits, cosmetics, and dust can dull the brilliance of your gems over time - it is very important to keep up clean your precious gems before storing them after they’ve been worn.

To keep your jewels looking their all time best here are some tips from Gayla Bentley:

Cleaning Your Gems at Home:

Gold and jewelry with robust gems such as sapphire, rubies and diamonds can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush, warm, soapy water, and a little ammonia solution for a few minutes.

Make sure you thoroughly clean with warm water so the solution is completely washed off the jewelry and finish by drying off with a white soft towel that has a smooth finish.

Protecting Your Gems
Don’t wear your jewelry when doing household or gardening chores - your gems can break or split on impact. Chemicals that are in most household cleaners can ruin your jewelry. Exposure for extended periods in the sun or sunrooms can reduce color intensity in your colored gems. Apply perfume and hair spray before putting on your jewelry. Remove All jewelry when washing your hands and applying lotion (don‘t forget to put them back on).

Tough but not Tough Enough Gems are some of the worlds most precious objects so they need to be treated carefully. While most gems are tough and resistant they are not indestructible. To be able to enjoy them for a lifetime treat them with care.

Buy jewelry insurance in case of loss or theft. You can secure your jewelry in a safety deposit box at your bank for as little as $40 a year.

More Diamonds?
Darling, we’ll soon need a new safe just for my jewelry!

Beating the Brassiere Blues

You have the perfect outfit, the perfect shoe and the perfect color lipstick ready to wear. The perfect brassiere is nowhere in sight, what do you do???
Call Inspector Trousseau...

Choose a bra that fits properly

  • Buy a Seamless Bra without lace or floral designs to achieve a smooth and seamless shape that is invisible beneath close-fitting tops.
  • Choose the right cup size- Ample enough to cover the whole breast – so your cup does not runneth over.

No white bras under black fabrics


  • Adjust your bra on the correct hook so it does not pull too tightly across your back.
  • Every time you wear your bra adjust the straps to ensure the best lift, comfort and support.

Once you find the perfect bra, don’t let your straps be a distraction. If this is a challenge for you, Gayla Bentley has mastered the art of hiding this problem with her new lingerie straps. These straps are designed to secure your straps in place while giving you an elegant finish to your personal style.
Would you be interested in attending a private consultation to speak with a brassiere or foundation expert to find a perfect size and fit for you?

Give us a call.

Look Drop Dead Gorgeous for a Special Occasion
If you follow these tips -
you will shine like the star that you are.
You Cannot Fail!

  • Identify the Details For Your Event
  • What is the date?
  • Where are you going?
  • Where will it be held?
  • What time of day or night is it?
  • What is the climate or temperature?
  • Who are you going with?
  • Who is attending?

It will make a huge difference to know the answer to these questions in order to select the appropriate ensemble to wear... with guaranteed results.

Ideal Planning

  • Start Now - Don't wait until the week before.
  • Shopping for the perfect outfit.
  • Go into your closet.
  • Investigate...Is there already an outfit you love to wear there?
  • Try it on - Now. Does it still fit? Need Alterations or repairs?
  • Cleaning necessary?

Next Step
If you have nothing you love to wear or want to wear....

  • Make a shopping plan.
  • Make some phone calls to locate "the look" you want before you go.
  • If you're not sure of yourself, find a professional wardrobe consultant to help you.
  • You can hire one by the hour or call your department stores and see if they have a personal shopper to assist you.

If you see pictures in a magazine that interest you, tear them out and show the consultant. This will give them an idea of the look you are after and speeds up the whole process.

Gayla Bentley's Designs

If you are a Woman with Curves – embrace your curves and find your perfect Gayla Bentley outfit!
All the components to make you look:

  • Taller
  • Thinner
  • More Confident
  • Successful
  • Feminine/Flirty
  • Worthy of a double take
  • Comfortable

Now that you have the clothes...
Accessories are key to complete the look
Shoes first - you must have comfort and style - 4 inch heels will work if someone is carrying you from the car to the table. Otherwise, just keep trying different ones on until you find the chic and comfy solution.

Don't overdo the accessories!
Don't forget to choose the right handbag -
your everyday purse WILL NOT DO. You can't get away with it!
Don't forget to try on everything together at the same time, to be sure you love the total look.
Don’t buy anything unless you love it, and know you will wear it!

Now Your Hair, Make-Up and Nails

  • Have a professional consultation in advance to determine what hair style you will wear.
  • Schedule your hair color so it is fresh for the event.
  • Two days before the event, choose your nail polish color and get a manicure and pedicure. Also, wax and shape your eyebrows.
  • Do a facial at home the night before, then exfoliate and apply night creme and eye gel.

I highly recommend and can not stress enough how important it is to do a "dress rehearsal" before the big event. Be sure you will be comfortable in your complete look from head to toe. You only have one chance to make a great impression - why not rehearse first?
On the day or night of the big event, you will be

  • Chic
  • Confident
  • Comfortable - what a concept!

Find your right size here!

Gayla Bentley offers plus size chic designer styles for woman plus size, 12-28.  All Gayla Bentley designer plus size clothing is modern with fitted designs available in missy and plus size petite.   Petite plus size 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X.  Plus size woman clothes for all occasions, plus size women’s career, plus size clothes for daytime and plus size evening wear.  Plus size jackets, plus size pants, plus size tops and plus size blouses, plus size skirts and plus size dresses. European plus size styles, Paris plus size styles.  Modern clothes for the plus size woman, best fit in plus size style clothes. The Bentley Basics 25 piece Wardrobe is made up of plus size clothing that creates an essential foundation for plus size women’s wardrobe. Available in 3 colors.

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